It is difficult to find – today – a more competitive market in the world of catering. The boom in television programs on cooking, with the consequent arrival of chefs among the national stardoms , and the spread of apps such as TripAdvisor, The Fork and and Just Eat (just to mention some more or less recent phenomena) have contributed to widening the mare magnum of restaurant activities.

The question, then, that many restaurateurs ask themselves is how to stand out in such a varied and competitive reality?

The quality of the culinary offer, the preparation and continuous training of the staff, the attention to detail inside and outside the kitchen are obviously essential elements. But it is equally important to communicate effectively online and offline to intercept new customers and retain those who have already experimented with your dishes. So we decided to recommend some actions to implement in your marketing plan that will improve your online presence and reputation and help you stand out in the world of catering, especially at the local level.

Keep in mind, however, one aspect: before implementing any strategy, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of your brand identity , i.e. the values ​​you want to spread, the history and business philosophy you want to tell and the audience you want to reach. Once you have clarified these elements, you can choose the activities to carry out to better communicate your restaurant.