Admit it. When you are engaged in a business trip, whether in Italy or abroad, one of your main concerns is where to eat. Don’t worry, with this article we have selected 5 tips on how to choose the right restaurant when you are away on business .

Finding a kitchen that satisfies our palate is not easy. We Italians, you know, are known all over the world for our food and our millenary culinary culture. For this reason, our restaurant needs are difficult to meet when we are thousands of miles from home.

Being able to taste quality dishes is important, especially when you are away on a demanding business trip. Food helps business travelers enjoy their break between meetings. Ideal for recharging, before facing the customer or supplier on the go.

Furthermore, being able to savor different tastes and flavors is something that tickles curiosity. Many business travelers, in fact, consider this one of the most pleasant and interesting aspects when you are in a foreign country for work.

How to choose where to eat when you are away on business?
Maybe you’ve never noticed, but on your business trips, choosing the right restaurant to eat in is often decisive. It might surprise you, but the quality of the food affects more than you can imagine in the success of the trip. So how to choose places to eat when traveling on business without making mistakes?

Start with some basic information
If the destination of your business travel is a city abroad, it is always advisable to consult a guide. Print or online, before leaving, make sure you have some reference on the restaurants in the area. You can also use the Business Travel Guides to Cities written by our BCD Travel team to collect some tips on the major cities in the world. While waiting at the airport or on the plane itself, it can be a useful and fun pastime to browse through some books, as well as blogs and websites, which can help you by suggesting where to eat.

Read restaurant reviews
By reading restaurant reviews written by other users, you can get a more precise idea of ​​the most typical dishes. Or what are the places absolutely to avoid. A useful tip is to eat together with your local customers. Or with the people you’re going to meet during your trip. They will be the ones who will guide you in choosing the best traditional and local places.

Finally, since it is a business trip, having lunch together can be a profitable moment of networking. The performances that follow a good meal eaten with someone improve a lot until doubling the quality of the cooperation. Recall, quoting Oscar Wilde, that ” the best deals are made at the table “!